Create your ideal kitchen with Electrolux Professional

Whether you’re watching a Sushi master prepare sashimi with surgical precision or mesmerised by the flames dancing off of a pan whilst the chef flambés the juicy steak you ordered, an open kitchen design lets you join in on all of the excitement and action.

Today, consumers are more knowledgeable about food and food processors than ever before with television shows like My Kitchen Rules and Master Chef being some of the most popular on our screens today. So, when diners go out for a meal, they’re not simply expecting to just sit down and eat a meal, they’re also expecting a new, exciting and unique dining experience!

Open kitchen designs in restaurants allow chefs to display their craft and mastery to the diners better than ever before by combining the action and sensory appeal of witnessing the food being prepared right in front of your eyes, adding to the theatre and experience of the traditional dining experience.

Unfortunately, in some cases a poorly designed open kitchen layout can in fact have a negative effect on the customer’s dining experience. This can include unwanted noises, fumes, and views whilst dining. No one wants to watch a staff member wash dishes while trying enjoying their meal! For restaurant owners, a poorly or under designed open kitchen layout often requires expensive retrofits to better suit the needs of the chef and the back of house kitchen staff.

That’s why with Electrolux Professional’s catalogue of cooking ranges, we can help find a solution to match your open kitchen design needs whatever they may be. Whether you’re a quick service, full service or high productivity restaurant we’ve got you covered.

With over 200 models, gas and electric functions, the two lines – 700XP and 900XP, respectively 700mm and 900mm in depth, we offer the greatest flexibility and adaptability to any kind of kitchen space.

  • eXtraordinary simPlicity
    Everything made easy. Perfect results at all times thanks to unique solutions with precise and automatic control. Superior cleanability and operator safety guaranteed
  • eXtreme Power
    Power, productivity and flexibility at the same time. Easily manage multiple menus in unlimited quantities to satisfy all your customers’ needs.
  • eXclusive Personality
    A complete range of high performing and versatile solutions able to adapt to any kind of kitchen space for maximum quality and performance.
  • eXtensive Profitability
    Innovative solutions for high efficiency and savings. Less consumptions and lower running costs. Better for your business and for the environment.

If implemented correctly, an open plan kitchen design presents a fantastic opportunity to elevate your customers dining experience by combining all the sensory elements of the kitchen with the traditional dining experience. To find out more about creating your ideal open plan kitchen with Electrolux Professional, take a look at our full range of Cooking Range options.