Electrolux Commercial Blast Chillers

Whether you’re in charge of a catering service, a restaurant kitchen, or a hotel, food safety and quality is the key to keeping your customers healthy and happy with their dining experience. Adding one of our top-quality Electrolux Professional commercial blast chillers to your kitchen can help preserve your food at safe temperatures, prevent contamination, and ensure that you’ll feel confident serving the food you store in our blast chiller.

Why Do I Need a Commercial Blast Chiller?

When it comes to storing cooked food, the equipment you use can affect the ultimate outcome of your carefully prepared dishes. Cooking and preparing some dishes ahead of time can help you be more prepared to serve guests but storing the food in a regular freezer or refrigerator can have detrimental effects on the food’s taste, appearance, and edibility.

Store Food Safely

Food which is placed into a freezer or refrigerator while hot raises the temperature of all contents, which can potentially ruin the food and result in a huge loss of money or, even worse, a customer becoming ill from ingesting contaminated food. Bacteria can grow when the temperature is between 8⁰C and 63⁰C, making it crucial to cool cooked food quickly if it’s intended for storage. Our commercial blast chillers can reduce the temperature of food from 70⁰C and above to 3⁰C or lower within ninety minutes, preserving it and the rest of your foods for safe consumption at a later time.

Store Everything You Need

The capacity of our commercial blast units can fit the needs of your kitchen. If you prepare food in smaller quantities, a compact unit in your kitchen will offer you the ability to safely store foods without taking up valuable space. For larger kitchens, an industrial-sized blast chiller may be the best option as it offers you plenty of space for the foods you need to store.

Program Your Blast Chiller to Fit Your Needs

Depending on the size of the chiller you select, you could have the option to create and save programs which set the internal temperature at the exact level you need for certain foods. This ensures that your storage methods will be consistent and that you’ll have a positive, predictable outcome every time you store food. In addition, you can use a temperature probe to check the progress of the chilling process or view the information on a built-in display.


At Electrolux Professional, we specialise in designing top-quality equipment including commercial drink dispenserscommercial blenderscommercial mixers . We look forward to helping you select a blast chiller to meet all your needs!