SpeeDelight – your customers will be back for more!

The queue gets longer, your customers are getting hungrier and impatient – they want their food now! We all know that the lunch rush hour can be tough to deal with when you operate a busy food service outlet. As an owner/ manager, you must keep up with the level of customer service plus the quality and consistency of food served – all whilst racing against the clock.

That’s why Electrolux Professional developed the SpeeDelight high speed cooking solution designed to help ease the stress and demands of the busiest times of day. Three times faster than a standard food press, SpeeDelight combines next generation cooking technology with easy to use features that turn rush hour into a breeze.

The multi-award winning system provides a unique cooking solution for a range of food service outlets from quick service restaurants to pubs and bars, cafes, hotel room service and retail operations.

You can prepare and serve a wide variety of chef-worthy snacks that are crispy on the outside and perfectly cooked inside – in seconds, all thanks to the unique combination of 3 cooking technologies: contact plates, infrared radiation and microwaves.

The unit is intuitive and easy to operate, simply press a button and SpeeDelight will do the rest! The lid will rise automatically when your snack is ready to serve. What does this mean exactly? It means your food won’t ever burn and you’re free to focus on your customers whilst their delicious snack is prepared.

Extensive research and development has allowed Electrolux Professional to develop the unique upper plate which settles ’automatically’ on your food with just the right amount of pressure, meaning perfect grill marks every time and no more squashed sandwiches!

Whether it’s Paninis, kebabs, pies, burritos, pizzas, focaccias or sandwiches, you can easily customise menu icons on the SpeeDelight’s accessible user interface to suit your needs and make it easier than ever for your employees to replicate the food consistently every time. 

If you want to increase speed of service, menu diversity and offer an outstanding snack experience that your customers will come back for – SpeeDelight has you covered!

  • Stand out from the crowd – Differentiate yourself from your competitors by serving up delicious, high quality snacks and food in under a minute.
  • Minimum effort for maximum performance – complexity is the last thing you need when time is of the essence so keep it simple for you and your staff.
  • Improve your work flow – your food needs to be perfect every time and without the guess work. Your customers will be confident and satisfied and your resources will never be wasted.
  • Premium Customer Care – as a SpeeDelight owner, you’ll have access to Electrolux selected technicians in more than 149 countries along with a full range of tailor made accessories designed to keep your SpeeDelight in top form.
  • Stay in sync with your team – thanks to SpeeDelight’s 24/7 smart connection, sharing recipes, programs and performance data with your team has never been easier.
  • Big flavor with a small energy footprint – The SpeeDelight features an exclusive Energy Saving Mode reducing energy consumption by up to 60%, offering combined savings of up to hundreds of dollars each year.

To find out more about building a sustainable business with Electrolux Professional, take a look at our full range of commercial kitchen solutions.