The perfect Assistant for all your Mise En Place needs

Customer demands are increasing day by day, in the this digital age, consumers are turning to Google reading recommendations and restaurant reviews before determining their dining venue of choice.

Aesthetic, aroma and flavour are top keywords on the check list. So it has become a basic expectation that food served not only needs to be delicious but also aromatic and pleasing to the eye.

Of course, Chefs are keen to please diners hence creating dishes with not only great ingredients but also a play on plating with brilliant colours and textures. As we all know – you eat first with your eyes.

Electrolux Professional understands this well, as we have been influencing how food is prepared commercial kitchen around the globe for almost 100 years. Our vast range of preparation equipment have been designed to be the perfect Kitchen Assistant to handle all your Mise En place needs with precision and consistency.

Make soups, sauces, purees, pestos, emulsions in advance of service with our food processor. Or cut, slice, dice, shred and julienne in record time and in bulk with our vegetable slicer. With more than 40 cutting discs giving you over 80 cutting styles!

Reduce time and labour spent with meticulous manual work, lessen the stress of service and prepare in advance with our range of food processors with various capacities to suit or choose a combined vegetable slicer and food processor in one to take care of all your Mise En Place needs.

Thanks to the presence of the scraper and the high maximum speed of the 3700 rpm, our food processors are able to achieve excellent homogenisation result. This simply means, nutritional values, taste and the colour of the food are all intact and preserved. The final result is pleasing to the eyes and the palate.

Now you can prepare with confidence and food safety in mind, because the Electrolux Professional range of Preparation Equipment contain no BPA in all plastic components, plus all the parts in contact with food are all stainless steel and dishwasher safe!