Commercial Blenders

Some equipment is so fundamental to a working kitchen that it becomes an essential ingredient for any hospitality or catering business, and a top-quality industrial commercial blender is certainly one such example. As one of the most important and useful tools at a chef’s disposal, a commercial grade blender can turn virtually anything into a smooth, velvety sauce. However, while specialist appliances can be a godsend, it’s equally important to ensure that you invest in equipment that’s versatile, earns its keep and makes light work of routine tasks. Read More

Here at Electrolux Professional, we specialise in creating state-of-the-art kitchen equipment, and our commercial food processors will not only emulsify and blend just like industrial blenders but will chop, grate, mix and grind too. They really are essential equipment for any commercial kitchen.

Multi-Purpose Commercial Blenders from Australia That Performs

If you’re searching for a commercial blender in Australia, you can rely on Electrolux Professional to provide high-quality multi-purpose commercial mixers and equipment that performs. Our range of food processors and commercial stick blenders allows kitchen staff to chop, mix or emulsify large quantities of food swiftly and safely, with the option of pulsing for a coarser, more rustic chop or blending entirely for a smooth, uniform and highly professional finish. All parts which come into contact with food can be easily and conveniently removed for washing and are totally dishwasher safe, making the process of keeping your kitchen appliances perfectly clean and hygienic entirely straightforward.

As with all our professional kitchen equipment, when you buy a food processor from us, you’ll enjoy the protection of either our standard 2 Year Warranty or our comprehensive Essential Care Pack, depending on your preferences. Our team of experienced technical experts will be on hand to help and assist you in any way you require and can provide spare parts at short notice should you need them. All of this enables us to guarantee not just immediate results, but also long-term, ongoing customer satisfaction with every order.

Invest in Commercial Blenders from Electrolux Professional

Over the years, Electrolux Professional has built a solid reputation as one of the world’s leading experts in the field of commercial kitchen equipment. Unlike many suppliers, we design and manufacture a full range of appliances and can offer our customers a total, comprehensive solution to all their kitchen needs. This way, all the troubles and difficulties associated with working in a kitchen where every product is made by a different manufacturer immediately become a thing of the past, ensuring that the professional kitchen is a much more seamless and efficient place to work.

We design and manufacture our products according to the strictest standards of energy efficiency and sustainability, guaranteeing that they are compliant with all the necessary environmental regulations and providing our customers with the peace of mind that comes with knowing that their equipment operates with minimal waste and maximum efficiency and profitability.

If you’re ready to invest in a commercial-grade blender for your commercial kitchen and you would like more information about how our food processors could simplify your food preparation, simply enquire using the online form on our website. Alternatively, if you can place an order via our convenient online store and your new investment will be packaged and dispatched by our team to be delivered to your premises as soon as possible.

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