Commercial Cheese Cutters

When running a professional kitchen or catering business, there are always many different ways you can work to make life easier for you and your team. Often, it’s the little, repetitive jobs that don’t require too much in the way of skill or experience that end up taking up a disproportionate amount of your time and labour. Fortunately, there are lots of products, such as commercial cheese slicers and commercial blenders that are available to speed up these tasks and help you achieve higher rates of efficiency, productivity and profitability – all while giving top priority to ensuring you’re able to deliver the consistently outstanding food your customers expect. Read More

Our aim at Electrolux Professional is to help kitchen staff make light work of routine food preparation tasks such as slicing, shredding and grating with a commercial vegetable slicer and cutter that will do all these jobs for you. Available with a range of interchangeable discs, blades and optional accessories. Electrolux Professional Multi Green enables you to not only cut and slice a range of vegetables but when using the correct grating disc, you can quickly grate and shred cheese. Rather than slicing like a stainless steel commercial cheese cutters, it can turn large catering blocks of hard cheese into chunks, shavings or finely grated powder – and when it’s not being used as an industrial cheese cutter it works hard to process all kinds of vegetables too.

You no longer have to waste the time and expertise of your professional team on menial tasks such as grating cheese or slicing a potato - we have our commercial potato chippers for that. You can simply use the Multi Green to perform the task at the touch of a button with 100% consistency. If you require a rougher chop for a more rustic finish, you can make use of the convenient pulse button to obtain the texture you’re aiming for with absolutely no hassle or wasted time.

Commercial Cheese Slicer With Australia Wide Delivery

There’s no need to invest in a dedicated industrial cheese slicer when you can use the Electrolux Professional Multi Green to do the job. It will enable your kitchen staff to achieve consistent and perfect results with ease when it comes to performing an essential task like grating and grinding cheese and helps with vegetable preparation too. Plus, just like all of our products, it is carefully designed and manufactured to the highest possible standards, guaranteeing reliable results in the fast-paced professional environment. Fully compliant with all the relevant environmental regulations, the Multi Green offers our customers total peace of mind while also delivering efficient performance for maximum profitability in the long-term.

To find out more information about any of the products we sell, feel free to get in touch with a member of our friendly and knowledgeable team of experts today. We’ll be happy to answer your queries and assist you in any way we can with making your purchase. Otherwise, just use the convenient online form to place your order now and find out why so many professional kitchens trust Electrolux Professional products.

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