Commercial Coffee Machines Perth

Whether you are an established business looking to upgrade your existing beverage provision, or you are embarking on a new venture, choosing the right commercial coffee machine for your Perth coffee shop could make all the difference for your staff, your customers and your profits. Coffee culture is here to stay and finding the perfect coffee blend will make no difference if your equipment is not up to standard. Read More


Here at Electrolux Professional, we have over 100 years of experience creating solutions that are driven by the needs of the service industry, from hotels to health care, restaurants to education. We supply, install, and maintain the absolute best equipment for every service industry, with a wide range of products designed such as commercial stick blender and our commercial sandwich press'. We are a globally recognised brand, known for our customer service as much as for our innovation – so choosing to partner with us when you are looking for the perfect professional coffee machine in Perth is a solid investment in the future of your business.

We understand the positive difference that having the right tools and instruments can make to your business, and we use all our design knowledge to create innovative products that make our lives easier and more profitable for all our customers. So when it comes to deciding which coffee machine supplier in Perth to work with, we know we have something special to offer.

Coffee Machine Suppliers in Perth: Make the Most of Coffee Culture

When you are looking to create barista coffees in a quirky coffee shop or want to serve your customers a coffee at the end of their meal, having the latest in innovation at your fingertips means you can offer your customers something more than just a basic coffee.

Our intuitive, programmable, and customizable solutions make it simple for you to provide your customers with great tasting coffee at the touch of a button. Our CLASSIC coffee machines are designed to be straightforward yet sophisticated and produce delicious coffee that will keep customers coming back for more.

It is important, especially in a café, restaurant, or bar location, that the chosen industrial coffee machine for your Perth coffee establishment looks the part, too. Our sleek, stylish finish is our signature when it comes to our coffee machines – every angle is designed to be as beautiful as it is practical, and the compact shape means that they will fit into the smallest of spaces.

There’s no doubt that creating an atmosphere that invites customers to linger over a delicious coffee needs careful planning and consideration and choosing the right Perth commercial coffee machines is a major part of that decision.

Professional Coffee Machines in Perth From a Global Brand

We know that there are many coffee machines on the market – after all, coffee is a booming business. But if you’re looking to invest in a commercial coffee machine that will give you functionality, reliability and exceptional performance without a hefty price tag – you’ll find that the CLASSIC range from Electrolux Professional offers the right ratio of quality and price. There’s a reason why we’re the coffee machine suppliers in Perth that people trust – so place your order now and look forward to producing great coffee cup after cup after cup.

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