Commercial Espresso Machines

If you are thinking about updating your commercial espresso machine or about to start a new coffee shop venture, you need to find a professional espresso machine that is compact, efficient, stylish and has the capability to produce delicious hot drinks at the touch of a button. At Electrolux Professional, we have a range of options and products to help you serve the perfect food & drinks every time. These include our commercial blender, commercial drink dispenser. Our coffee machines are highly functional, stylish and extremely cost effective and are the perfect addition for any coffee shop, café or restaurant. Read More

For over one hundred years, Electrolux Professional equipment has been synonymous with quality and reliability. We’re a leading global provider of high-performing solutions for the service industry, from washers to chillers, ovens to coffee makers – so you can count on us to deliver the technologically advanced equipment that you need. We have a global reputation for innovation and design, backed up with outstanding customer support from installation and throughout the product lifecycle. Our customers know and trust our brand because we incorporate a firm commitment to sustainability – improving water and energy efficiency – with well-designed, great looking and high-quality solutions.

Choose Electrolux Professional for Industrial Espresso Machines

A commercial espresso machine is the heart of the coffee shop. It needs to be reliable, quick, and productive, sustainable and energy efficient. When you are looking for a single machine to provide espresso, the machines in our CLASSIC range will cover every angle and ensure that your customers are always wowed by the taste and quality of your coffee.

We know how important a professional espresso machine is for our customers and our CLASSIC range has been created to suit every busy coffee shop and restaurant. The thoughtful design ensures that they are easy to use while being ultra-reliable. No matter what demands are placed on our machines, they’ll still produce a consistently good cup of coffee time after time – and add a touch of real barista style to your counter.

Available in three sizes to suit your needs, our CLASSIC industrial espresso machines are the perfect combination of elegance and price and take up minimum space on your countertop. The Single Group espresso machine has a 6.3 Litre Copper Steam Boiler, the Two Group has a 10.1 Litre Copper Steam Boiler while the Three Group has a 15.6 litre capacity – making it an ideal choice for the ultra-busy coffee shop.

More Than Just Professional Espresso Machine

There is much more to Electrolux Professional than our innovative design, attention to detail and stellar performance. Every one of our industrial espresso machines comes with sustainability, efficiency, and profitability in mind – but is also backed by our dedicated Essentia customer service. From installation to the end of life, our team is here for you to ensure that you have the support that you need.

Our comprehensive service agreements are tailored to suit your needs, designed to safely maintain performance and availability to maximise the lifetime and profitability of your commercial coffee machine. With more than 55,000 spare parts available for same day/next day dispatch, and a network of authorised technical experts available to help, should something go wrong with your machine, we can be there to help.

Contact us today and find the perfect professional commercial espresso machine for your business with Electrolux Professional.

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