Commercial Food Processor

Commercial Food Processors with Electrolux Professional

If you’re looking for a high-quality commercial food processor for your business, we have plenty to choose from. Whether you’re cooking up one product or hundreds at a time, we know that having the right commercial kitchen appliances is crucial. Read More

We have a range of food processor accessories - when it comes to blades you have the optional add-on choice of K45 Microtooth, K45 Smooth Blade, K70 Microtooth and finally the K70 Smooth Blade. Can't find what you need? Leave a sales enquiry and we will be able to help you.

Professional Food Processors Suitable for Multiple Uses

Food processors have a huge number of different uses which can be used no matter what type of food your business offers. They’re super easy to use when you need to:

  • Mince meat – Chopping and mincing meat can be an extremely difficult task without a machine to make your life easier. With a professional food processor, you can grind the meat and mix in any herbs, spices, and seasonings you might want to add.
  • Chop fruit and vegetables – No doubt your ingredients will need chopping or slicing before adding them into the mix. You can cut down on production time with a commercial grade food processor and save yourself a lot of effort, especially when you’re cooking in bulk.
  • Liquidise ingredients – Whether you’re making sauce or smoothies, liquidizing ingredients properly is an important task. If you have a big order to fill, we have the right size for all your juicing needs.
  • Chop nuts – Nuts can be a pain to chop; they’re small, hard, and just don’t want to be cut up. For bakers, this can be a disaster, so even if you’re just using the processor for nuts, it’s a huge time saver.
  • Grating ingredients – A lot of recipes ask for grated ingredients, or maybe you find it easier to incorporate them when they’re grated. Instead of buying it ready-grated, which is often more expensive, save money by using a professional-grade food processor.

Cut Down on Costs with an Industrial Food Processor

As with a lot of things in business, any new decision ultimately comes down to one question: “Is it going to improve my business’ profits?” The answer is YES.

Whether you’re working on a small order of products or need to make them in bulk, having a high output level can take a lot of time and effort without the help of a machine. We have other food processing and chopping products like our commercial stick blender and our commercial onion choppers. A professional grade food processor can work faster than a human, with fewer mistakes and more consistency, meaning less waste. This also means that there will be less need for extra employees, so you’ll be able to cut down on labour costs too.

Electrolux Professional commercial food processors are designed to be greener in order to lower utility costs. We have a firm commitment to sustainability, improving water and electricity efficiencies, saving costs, and increasing profitability.

The Best Commercial Food Processors For Sale

It won’t just cut down on costs; being able to work faster will improve overall output and increase profits. You’ll be able to fulfil more orders quickly and easily to help your business grow and improve your brand awareness, while still keeping the great quality your customers already know and love.

So, contact us today and find your business’ perfect industrial-grade food processor.

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