Commercial Onion Choppers

Treat Your Chef to a New Professional Grade Onion Chopper

Quality matters in a commercial kitchen, so it’s important that you invest in appliances which will make your kitchen run more efficiently and smoothly. In the interest of speed and safety, an Electrolux Professional onion chopper is the way forward. Read More

What’s the Difference Between a Chopper and a Slicer?

There’s not much difference between a chopper and a slicer, but both are equally as helpful in food preparation. However, the main difference is the size and shape of the end product. A commercial onion chopper will chop your ingredients (not just onions) into smaller, squarer pieces which are easy to mix into sauces, doughs, and other mixtures. A slicer cuts thinner segments from the ingredients which can be used to garnish or use as a more prominent ingredient in the food.

Because of this, a chopper and a slicer will need a different sized and different shaped blade. A chopper blade tends to be square with a number of different knives in a grid shape to push ingredients through, cutting down. However, a slicer has one large blade through the middle which ingredients are slid over, cutting across.

Your Kitchen Staff Will Thank You for Investing in an Industrial Onion Chopper

It may seem like a small appliance, but an onion chopper can make a huge difference in the kitchen,

  • It’s quick - A chopper can do the job a lot faster than a knife can. They can cut a larger volume of vegetable at once with ease.
  • It saves space – It can hold the chopped pieces in a tray underneath to use less room piling up chopped ingredients on your surfaces.
  • It’s safe – There is less risk of cutting yourself which can be easy when chopping small pieces quickly.
  • It’s easy to clean – It’s easy to take apart so that the blades, trays, and other parts can be washed properly in line with hygiene standards.
  • You don’t have to pre-chop vegetables – Sometimes it’s easier to just pre-chop the ingredients for quick access, but with a commercial onion chopper, it’s quick and easy enough to chop them as you need them.
  • It’s easy to use – It takes a lot less effort to use and it’s not complicated at all.

Combine a Industrial Onion Chopper With a Range Of Kitchen Products

Our extensive range of kitchen products includes but not restricted to:

All of these will benefit you as a business too because the easier and quicker your chefs can work, the more products they can produce. And the more products produced means that even bulk orders can be fulfilled in no time, increasing profitability and brand reputation. This one little chopper can change your whole production line.

Buy Your Commercial Onion Chopper from Electrolux Professional

With over 100 years’ experience in commercial kitchen equipment, we know how to make your kitchen shine with greener, more efficient technology. Our innovative products are designed to not only help you out but also to lower utility bills.

Contact us today to find out more about the newest addition to your kitchen: the industrial onion chopper.

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