Commercial Onion Dicers

Commercial-Grade Onion Dicer for a Professional Kitchen

Diced and sliced onions are an important ingredient in a wide variety of kitchens. Whether a fast food operation where they’re added as toppings to burgers, hot dogs and kebabs through to fine dining restaurants to provide savoury additions to salads and cooked dishes, they’re an ingredient that can’t be overlooked. Read More

Unlike residential kitchens where onions can be diced and sliced with a sharp knife, commercial kitchens require something better and faster. That’s where our commercial onion dicers are impossible to beat.

The Perfect Onion Dicer for Commercial Use

Whilst a sharp knife might be suitable for small jobs and occasional use, a commercial dicer is necessary for anything bigger and more regular. Commercial dicers provide numerous benefits:

  • They’re suitable for various fruits and vegetables in addition to onions and may also be used to dice products such as cheese. This saves money by avoiding the need for multiple pieces of equipment and also makes the best use of space in small kitchens.
  • Different types and thicknesses of cuts can be carried out so the slices can be as thick or as thin as you want them to be and will be the same every time.
  • With high quality stainless steel blades, every cut is consistent and accurate enabling a uniformity of output that aids presentation and a lack of waste that improves profitability.
  • Processing can be undertaken quickly and in high volume, which is necessary when preparation time needs to be kept to a minimum and fast service in large quantities is essential.
  • Injuries are reduced and safety is improved by the use of a machine rather than a sharp knife that can be ineffective and dangerous in experienced hands. Eyes are also protected from stinging vapours that cause irritation.

Diced onions are contained within the machine reducing the mess that manual slicing can cause.

We Can Supply More Than Just an Onion Dicer

We have a wide range of products that might be able to help with speed and efficiency - some include:

The Best Onion Dicer For Commercial Purposes

Preparing onions and other vegetables is often the most tedious and time-consuming part of the cooking process. Any one of our commercial onion dicers will transform that process into a simple operation with consistent and dependable output. It will save valuable labour time and improve the quality of your ingredients.

At Electrolux Professional we offer range of dicers will suit any kitchen with their compact design and sturdy manufacture that will withstand the hard knocks of a commercial kitchen. Their stainless steel components mean they’re easy to clean and will ensure that the hygiene levels that are essential to a commercial catering operation are maintained.

A high quality commercial onion dicer is an indispensable tool in any commercial kitchen, enabling large quantities of onions and other produce to be sliced and diced very quickly as well as consistently and safely. With our equipment, you have the assurance of a global name and a trusted brand, a company with over one hundred years of experience in commercial kitchen equipment.

With a worldwide network that includes over 2,200 technical experts and more than 55,000 spare parts, you’ll know the equipment will work perfectly and deliver the results you need for as long as you need them.

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