Commercial Potato Chippers

Every Professional Kitchen Needs a Commercial Potato Chipper

Chips or French fries, chunky or skinny, whatever the variety, they’re something that a commercial kitchen has to be able to provide. Whether you have a fast food operation or a fine dining restaurant, your customers will demand that some type of chip is on the menu.

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The demands of a commercial operation are different from those of a residential kitchen. Production methods have to be much faster, more consistent in what they produce and efficient so slicing potatoes with a sharp knife won’t do. Instead, an industrial potato slicer is needed to do the job properly.

Features and Benefits of a Commercial Potato Chip Slicer

Using a commercial potato slicer machine has lots of advantages over a sharp knife:

It’s a much faster process and achieves greater throughput, typically 25 kilograms of chips per minute – a rate that’s around ten times faster than even the most efficient human can achieve with a knife. Combine the operation with a potato chipper for commercial use and the whole process of preparing chips is much more efficient and less time consuming.

Multiple blade gauges mean you can produce various sizes of chips or fries from the chunkiest to the skinniest that you may need. And each one will come out perfectly formed with consistent sizes and less waste than for manual methods.


Freshly made fries are much cheaper and generally taste better than their frozen counterparts. Additionally, they’re easier to store and require little more effort if you use a mechanised potato peeler and a commercial potato slicer.


Using a sharp knife, especially for large quantities of potatoes where there is pressure to get them done quickly, is a dangerous task that can result in serious injury without due care.

Get the Best Commercial Potato Chipper Australia

A potato chipper for commercial use has to be suitable for the job. All the ones we supply are of sturdy construction so they’ll withstand the heavy knocks and extensive use associated with any commercial kitchen. They’re totally safe and easy to use for even the most inexperienced kitchen operative. Wha'ts even better is that we also have complimentary kitchen products you might need such as our commercial onion slicer and commercial vegetable slicer

Each professional-grade potato chipper is made largely of stainless steel so it is easy to clean and will help to ensure that required hygiene standards are maintained. It won’t corrode and will give many years of reliable service. They all benefit from a long parts and labor warranty and the exceptional service that is associated with the Electrolux Professional brand.

Use Our Commercial-Grade Potato Slicers In Your Kitchen

All have large hoppers for easy loading and fast throughput, stainless steel blades of varying gauges for precise cutting of required sizes. They’re either free-standing or compact enough to fit on a worktop without taking up too much valuable space in usually busy and congested kitchens.

Whatever type of food service you provide, a reliable commercial-grade potato chipper will be an invaluable addition to your kitchen. It will provide potato chips of consistent quality to demanding customer requirements, all delivered quickly and efficiently with minimum waste. The little extra effort and investment needed will be more than paid back due to the benefits that they bring.

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