Commercial Vegetable Slicers

Healthy Meals Consistently with a Commercial Vegetable Cutter

The most tedious and time-consuming part of any catering operation is preparation. Although vegetables are an essential part of any healthy and nutritious meal, the time taken peeling and cutting them can often be better spent. Read More

Manual slicing can be a task that’s not suited to a commercial operation. It takes too long, produces inconsistent output, is dangerous and is incapable of creating the necessary volumes without a high investment in labour that is likely to make the whole venture unprofitable. That’s why a professional-grade vegetable slicer is an essential part of any commercial kitchen’s equipment.

Why You Need a Commercial Vegetable Slicer

A professional-grade vegetable cutter is needed by any catering establishment of a reasonable size. Whether a sandwich shop, salad bar, cafeteria, staff canteen or restaurant of any sort, an industrial vegetable cutter has numerous uses and benefits.

Our Vegetable Slicers Can Do The Following

  • can be used for fruit as well as vegetables to produce toppings and ingredients for all types of dishes.
  • has the necessary certification for use in food establishments and so conforms to the relevant regulations on hygiene, cleaning and the use of materials that are suitable for use with food.
  • is sufficiently versatile to be able to slice and dice various types of products, both hard and soft and of differing sizes to the required grade of cut and with minimal liquid loss.
  • is easy to use by even unqualified staff, requiring minimal effort and training.
  • has multiple safety features to prevent accidents in use.
  • delivers precise cuts that enable uniformity of product and required portion control.
  • can produce high volume output without loss of quality.
  • is easily cleaned enabling switching between different produce with minimal loss of production capacity.
  • is sturdily constructed with an ergonomic design and watertight seals for long life in challenging environments and is stable in use so it doesn’t move around.
  • is available in compact, countertop versions as well as larger, floor mounted models so is suitable for all sizes and types of spaces has undergone extensive testing to ensure reliability of performance during extended periods of use.

An Electrolux Professional Commercial Vegetable Dicer for Guaranteed Results

Electrolux Professional is a respected and experienced global company with over one hundred years in providing commercial kitchen equipment. It designs and manufactures greener products that have lower utility costs and backs that up with comprehensive maintenance agreements supported by a network of more than 2,200 technical experts and over 55,000 spare parts.

A Range Of Products For Your Kitchen Needs

If you are looking for a range of the best kitchen products, accessories and appliances - look no further than Electrolux!

All of that means you can be sure our vegetable slicer, or any other preparation equipment you obtain from us, will be the high quality you expect from a company with a well-earned reputation for reliability. It will reduce your costs, improve overall efficiency, more than satisfy customer expectations and increase profitability in the long-term.

With Electrolux Professional, you don’t need to choose different brands in order to satisfy your varying needs. Instead, we have a wide range of products that meet all those needs so you have a consistency of supply and support, ease of use and superior reliability.

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